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Fic - Ten times the Doctor didn't say 'I love you' (and one time he did) - (1/1) - Nine/Rose/Ten - T

Date Published: May 5th, 2008
Title: Ten times the Doctor didn’t say ‘I love you’ (and one time he did)
Rating: T-ish for implied stuff. Probably more like PG-13.
Characters: Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose, Jack
Genre(s): Romance, fluff, suspense, reunion!fic, angst, humour. Bit of everything, really.
Word Count: 7,697
Summary: Ten times the Doctor didn’t say ‘I love you’. And one time he did. What more can you say, really?
Disclaimer: The names, images and logos identifying the BBC and their products and services are subject to copyright, design rights and trade marks of the BBC. Used without permission for non-profit, non-commercial personal use.
Fic Type: One-shot. Lots of one-shots.
Betas: The wonderful shinyopals and hippiebanana132. These guys = love.
Author's Note: This bit me about six hours ago and would not leave me alone. At ALL. It was highly annoying, but demanded to be written, so here you go.
Excerpt: “The world’s about to end,” he remarks, his voice cracked with emotion, when he sets her on the ground in front of him again. “The whole world.”

Tags: fic, fic: ten times, series, ship: nine/rose, ship: ten/rose, status: complete, theme: introspection, theme: romance
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